Cling On Paint Brushes

Cling On Paint Brushes

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What makes Cling On paint brushes better?  

Zero Shedding-No more picking bristles out of your freshly painted surface.

Self Cleaning-These brushes are meant to be stored wet, simply put in a jar of water and the paint will remove itself to the bottom of the jar.  (Use a clip to hold your brush up in the jar, so that bristles are not touching the bottom.)

No Strokes-That's right!  If you are wanting a smooth surface without brushes stroke marks, you have found your product.

Durability-You can pick one of the these brushes up and feel the quality.  They are durable, made for the professional as an affordable price for all painters.

F series-Flat (Perfect to use when painting large surface areas)

O series-Oval (Great for detailed areas, like spindles)

P series-Angled (Nooks and Crannies, hard to reach places)

R series-Round (Ideal to use when wanting to paint a project quickly)